Matcha Tea


Enjoy the refreshing goodness of ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder. With a fresh & clean taste, it is available in convenient to-go stick packs.


Our unsweetened certified organic ceremonial grade matcha tea powder is packaged in single serving packets. Each packet contains 2 g of 100% organic matcha tea powder without artificial preservatives, flavors, and fillers. Each serving (2 g) provides 340,000 μ mol TE/100g, which can be a very convenient and tasty way for anyone to boost antioxidant activities.

Fresh & Clean Umami Taste
Convenient Travel Size Packet
2 g/serving
Certified Organic
Manufactured by Matcha specialists whose tea store was established in 1818.
No fillers, artificial preservatives, and flavors
Able to consume the whole tea leaf powder and its nutrition
Typical nutrition profile in 100g: ➢ Energy: 344 kcal ➢ Protein: 29g ➢ Lipid: 6 g ➢ Carbohydrate: 42g ➢ Sodium: 6.8 mg ➢ Potassium: 2500 mg ➢ Calcium: 350 mg ➢ Iron:5 mg ➢ Zinc: 3 mg ➢ Beta-carotene: 28000 μg ➢ Retinol: 2300 μg ➢ Vitamin C: 200mg ➢ Vitamin E: 35 mg ➢ Dietary Fiber: 29 g ➢ Caffeine: 3 g ➢ Tannin: 8 g ➢ L-Theanine: 1700mg ➢ Catechin: 10 g